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Counteract is the only balancing product on the market proven to improve fuel economy in two separate S.A.E and TMC type II tests. Auburn University (PAVE) program for advance vehicle evaluations conducted an S.A.E and TMC type II test and reported a 2.2% fuel consumption improvement on 18 wheelers carrying close to a maximum load. The PIT conducted the same test, with equally impressive results, PIT is a group within FPInnovations, one of the largest non-profit, private scientific research centers in the world

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It’s RV Season again!

It’s RV Season again and we are gearing up for our Annual Shows… Please come see our booth and say HI!!!  We’ll have information, give-a-ways and of course TIRES!!!!  Looking forward to another great season of service!

Petes Road Service Inc. RV Service


  • FMCA Western Motor Home Rally: January 9th – 12th – Riverside County Fair Grounds, Indio CA

(Booth 255/256)

  • Quartzsite: January 18th – 26th – 700 S. Central – Quartzsite, AZ 85346

(Midway Exhibit — look for BIB!)

  •  2014 SoCal Samboree: April 3rd – 5th – Golden Village RV Resort

(Booth TBD)