RV Service

Pete’s specializes in RV tire and mechanical service at all 9 of our Southern California locations. Each store is RV friendly with easy in and out access. Our goal is to provide the best overall service and satisfaction by not just focusing on the tires for RV’s, but ensuring that all the other aspects of ride and comfort are addressed and taken care of such as vehicle alignment, proper air pressure, battery charging system and fluids.


Michelin: XRV

What tires should I buy?

Ride and comfort comes down to what tires you use and who’s service you choose! Although there are numerous tire brands and designs you can run on you RV we strongly recommend the Michelin XRV and the Goodyear G670RV. These two brands and designs are the only tires engineered and manufactured specifically for RV’s to meet the ride and comfort expectations of RV owners. These tires truly are night and day from the competition.

Goodyear: G670

Do I neeed an alignment?

Depending on the last time an alignment and suspension check was done, probably. A proper alignment ensures that the new tires you just invested in will run true and the vehicle will follow your lead and not the other way around. During each alignment we will set the camber, caster and toe angles to factory specs along with inspecting for worn suspension parts. We offer front axle, two and three axle alignments.

What air pressure should I set my tires to?

Weigh your RV’s axles fully loaded and fueled at any public scale and come into Pete’s to get the air pressure optimized. Tire manufacturers like Michelin and Goodyear have a published load/inflation table that shows what the ideal air pressure should be to carry a load for different size tires. Knowing the weight on each axle we can adjust the air pressures to where they will carry the weigh but still provide the most comfortable ride.


275/70R22.5 LRJ
PSI 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 Maximum Load & Pressure on Sidewall
kPa 590 620 660 690 720 760 790 830 860 900
LBS Single 4940 5170 5400 5625 5850 6070 6290 6510 6730 6940 S 6940 LBS at 130PSI
Dual 9710 10160 10610 11050 11490 11930 12360 12790 D 6395 LBS at 120PSI
KG Single 2240 2345 2450 2550 2655 2755 2855 2955 3055 3150 S 3150 KG at 900 kPa
Dual 4405 4610 4815 5010 5210 5410 5605 5800 D 2900 KG at 830 kPa

When should I replace my tires?

RV tires should be replaced when they are worn below 4/32nd’s remaining tread, when they are severely weather cracked, or when the tire reaches a certain age. Most RV owners replace their tires every five years because that is typically the length of time covered by most manufacturers for new tire warranty. A new tire warranty starts from the date of purchase, not from the date the tire was manufactured.

How old are my tires?

A tire’s date of manufacture, or DOT number, is stamped in the sidewall area just above the bead area or where the wheel meets the tire. This number is like a VIN number in that the last three or four digits represent the month and year the tire was produced. As of the year 2000, the last four digits in the DOT number represent the week and year the tire was produced. So if the digits were 0304 the tire was manufactured in the 3rd week of 2004. It is at the sole discretion of each RV owner on when to replace the tires but we recommend every 5-6 years, the same time period most tires are covered under warranty.

What additional services can I get at Pete’s?

Besides getting your RV properly aligned at Pete’s we also offer full brake service including turning drums and rotors, replacing shoes and pads, new spring kits and air brake adjustment, and Batteries. We also offer complete oil, lube and filter service for any type of RV.