Tire Fill

Got Flats?
A flat tire on a piece of construction or mining
equipment is more than just an annoying
interruption to the work day. A flat tire costs
money, squanders resources, wastes time and
poses a safety risk. The damaged tire must be
repaired or replaced. Employees must sit idleArnco Pathway Polymers - tire fill flatproofing manufacturer
while the machine is inoperable. Productivity
grinds to a halt while deadlines are missed
and customers are disappointed.
To eliminate the costs and risks associated
with flat tires, tires must be flatproofed. How
can a tire be guaranteed not to get flat? What
options are there to prevent a tire from going
Benefits of Using Tire Fill
  • There are many reasons to use a tire fill
  • product. A tire fill product:
  • Eliminates costly downtime
  • Lowers vehicle center of gravity
  • Provides greater vehicle stability
  • Maximizes work output
  • Improves tire tread wear
  • Maintains proper tire pressure and
  • footprint shape for the life of the tire
  • Increases the life and performance of tire
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for tire repair
  • Improves operation in harsh areas
  • Enhances operator safety
  • Increases driver confidence and comfort
  • Minimizes uneven tread wear
  • Reduces wheel slippage because of weight
  • Provides multiple levels of hardness
  • Reduces shock and stress to equipment
  • compared to solid tires or tracks