Tire Retreading

In retreading, experience means quality and in our retread shop our average technician’s tenure is over 10 years. This value-added experience, coupled with the Oliver rubber product, and state of the art retreading equipment means that you get the best product for your fleet. Retreading can save you money, maximize your tire investment, and is environmentally friendly. Let us show you how.

3 Common questions regarding retreads:

1.Are they really THAT much less?

On average a retreaded tire can be half the price of a new tire – with tires representing the second largest expense of your vehicle, behind fuel, there is no easier and more effective way to save than retreads.

2. Are retreads safe . . . don’t I see them blown out all over the highway?

Retreads go through the same rigorous inspections as new tires; with millions of school buses, fire trucks, airplanes, taxis and more, all using retreads you can rest assured they are safe for your vehicle. Studies have shown that rubber on the road is primarily caused by road hazards and under/over inflated tires on both new and retreaded tires.

3. How long do they last?

Like any new tire, the life of a retread depends on the care you take on that tire. However, when properly maintained, it’s not uncommon for a retread tire to last as long and in some applications longer than a new tire.