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Pete's Road Service, Inc. review summary

5on Google,Sep 28, 2022


Good people, great prices, excellent service. Talk to Justin or Joey. They will take care of it!

5on Google,Sep 15, 2022


Exelente and fast service.

5on Google,Sep 07, 2022


These guys did an awesome job with my motor home and it's tires. It only took one day and it went through the FMCA Is mitchelin Tire program. Do not hesitateTo have them service your needs.

5on Google,Aug 29, 2022


Everyone was great especially the manager Jose. He got us in and out with no hassle. Thank You to Pete’s, it was a pleasure to work with your Company for our Dutch Star Motorhome tires.

5on Google,Aug 26, 2022


Best truck service always take my company truck to this shop....

5on Google,Aug 25, 2022


Best place to get any type of tire you need I only use Pete’s road service and have forever

5on Google,Aug 23, 2022


I just moved to L.A., the big bad city, where a hayseed like me could get walked all over. I’v got a big RV. I had an almost-flat and I thought I needed a new tire, which is over 500 bucks at Walmart. Pete's could have easily sold me a tire and I wouldn't have known any better. But it turned out that the problem was minor, they fixed it and just asked that I buy from them in the future, which I certainly will as well as recommending them to anyone that needs RV tire work, which is not easy to find. You need a special Jack and most tire places don't have them. I could barely drive on the tire and would have been stuck until the next day. Sarah Moanes at the Gardena store was my contact and she was able to fit me in before the end of the day. She was great - professional, knowledgeable and very nice. So was every tech guy I dealt with. So unexpectedly, my first business experience in the wicked city was really nice. I thank them sincerely and obviously recommend them highly to anyone looking for RV tire service.

5on Google,Aug 19, 2022


Fast like nascar

5on Google,Aug 18, 2022


quick and great customer service.

5on Google,Aug 02, 2022


Good services with good people. Didn't have an appointment but was able to get in there when the customer that did cancel. Thank you Pete's....

5on Google,Jul 30, 2022


Needed 2 new trailer tires for my semi. Pulled right in. Chuey came right out and guided me to were he wanted me. Great guys. If you need any tractor/trailer tires I recommend going here.

5on Google,Jul 21, 2022


Good . To work there .